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Royal Mail’s operation of postbuses continues to generate much interest.  Postbus services started in February 1967 but the number is only five from July 2014 (all in the north of Scotland) following the closure of the Isle of Luing and Portnahaven to Port Ellen services from 19th July 2014.  The Malton postbus service, the last in England, closed on Saturday 28th April 2012.

For full details of surviving services, we recommend the Royal Mail site for timetables and routes.


For a history of the postbus in the United Kingdom, our book THE POSTBUS HANDBOOK chronicles the introduction and growth of postbus services.

In addition, we have published three updates, POSTBUSES 1998-2004, POSTBUSES 1998-2006 and POSTBUSES 1998-2008.  Each update is priced at £5.  All four (Handbook and three updates) together are priced at £22 from POVC Sales at 124 Shenstone Avenue, Norton, STOURBRIDGE, West Midlands,  DY8 3EJ.  Please make cheques payable to the “Post Office Vehicle Club”.



The Postbus Appreciation Society specialises in the study of the postbus and goes into greater detail than we are able to about routes, timetables and tickets.  You can contact it at